About us

Welcome to the center for Nuclear Materials and Fuel Cycle Research.

The center for Nuclear Materials and Fuel Cycle Research is one of the key research centers/laboratories of the Nuclear Engineering Program at the Ohio State University. The Center is located at Scott laboratory, the hub building of the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The center focuses on studies of advanced used nuclear fuel reprocessing, material compatibility and materials corrosion in advanced and current nuclear reactors. Ongoing research activities are:

  • Nuclear Materials compatibility (materials corrosion/degradation)
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technology
  • Electrochemical Separation
  • Nuclear Safeguards and nonproliferation
  • Advanced Coolant Materials (molten salt, liquid metal).

The center director is Prof. Jinsuo Zhang, an associate professor of the nuclear engineering program. Prof. Zhang joined the university in September, 2012, with the specific task of initiating research and education focusing on nuclear materials and fuel cycle technologies. Before Prof. Zhang joined the universtiy, he had been involved in material degradation studies and coolant technology for nuclear reactor systems and advanced nuclear fuel cycle technologies including pyroprocessing at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2001.


Prof. Jinsuo Zhang

Email: zhang.3558@osu.edu

Phone: (614) 292 5405